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Loans Between Individuals in Milan: How to have Fast-tracked Loans


A form of financing alternative to those offered by banks is private lending. Let’s find out who to contact to request a sum of money in Milan, without going to the banks. We will only recommend the best social lending companies, which offer the possibility to receive the money we need, and then reimburse them by paying bills or debiting the current account.

Loans between individuals in Milan: how to receive loans that have been changed or not

Loans between individuals in Milan: how to receive loans that have been changed or not

If you need a loan in Milan, in addition to the classic products offered to us by banks, an excellent solution is that of private loans. This option can often be convenient, as interest rates are usually among the most convenient in circulation. In addition, the whole practice can be completed completely online, without having to go to the bank as happens with classic personal loans. Finally, the idea of social lending is to help each other between investors and applicants. In this way, in fact, those who offer their own borrowed money have the opportunity to make a profit, while the customers who receive the loan can count on favorable conditions compared to those offered by the banks.

The fact of being able to complete the request for funding directly via the Internet is certainly a convenience, but on the other hand also a risk for users. Browsing the internet are in fact many untrustworthy sites that offer loans changed between private individuals, turning particularly to those who have no particular guarantees and who can not get the money they need by making the request with the financial. When looking for loans between individuals in Milan it is good to be very careful, because you never know what could hide behind an unreliable site. For this reason it is good to rely on the social lending community, platforms that make people in search of money come in contact with investors, who want to make a profit from their small or large savings.

The main private loan site in Milan is Anor. This company offers us the possibility of receiving a personal loan just as if we were turning to a normal bank. The amount that can be requested ranges from a minimum of 1,000 up to a maximum of € 15,000, which we can repay in 12, 24, 36 or 48 months. We will therefore have great freedom in choosing the solution that suits our case based on the maximum rate we prefer to pay each month and the sum we need. The only difference compared to credit institutions is that in this case we will be financed by different users. Yes, because on the other hand, instead of a bank, we have a group of private individuals, each of whom offers a certain amount of borrowed money. So the money that will be credited to us will be sent by the creditor 1, another by the creditor 2 and the remaining by the creditor 3. Anor will then divide our monthly payment among the three investors, obviously considering the advance payment from everyone.

Another company that offers us the possibility of obtaining private funding in Milan is Soisy. This is slightly different from Anor as it does not provide a direct relationship between the customer and the platform. In fact, it is not the applicants who have to register with the site to make the request for credit, but the shops in Milan and the e-commerce sites. This will ensure that customers of the same, interested in a product for which they do not have the money to pay in a single solution, will receive the desired financing. This is therefore what is commonly called consumer credit, but in this case it is offered by private individuals. In most cases, and also with regard to these two platforms that we have just presented, loans between individuals are paid by crediting the applicant’s current account, from which the agreed repayment installments will be subsequently withheld. the entire duration of the loan. If the loan you are looking for is the changed one, then you will have to look for alternative services to these, always paying attention to identify the most reliable sites.

Loan estimate in private individuals in Milan: online payment calculation

Loan estimate in private individuals in Milan: online payment calculation

We have seen what are the best websites to receive a loan between individuals in the city of Milan and Province. Let’s see now how you can make the request to receive the money we need as soon as possible. In particular, we present the steps to follow if you choose to rely on Anor to receive your loan from individuals, even if for the other sites that offer this solution the mode of request will be very similar. One of Anor ‘s strengths is to “mask” the fact that we are turning to private individuals to get our funding. This is noted when we are going to make the request, as the steps to follow will be the same as those for personal loans of major banks.

The whole procedure will be completed online, and the first thing we will do is calculate the installment. At this stage we can choose the amount to be requested, from a minimum of € 1,000 up to € 15,000, then select the duration that we prefer between the four available (12, 24, 36 or 48 months). Immediately we will be presented the amount of each monthly payment, which will remain constant for the entire duration of the loan, and the Taeg, which will determine the total expenditure of our loan. We are also offered the possibility of securing our loan with the Life Protection, which protects the contractor in the event of premia and total permanent disability.

Once you have identified the ideal parameters for our financing, we can proceed with the request in a few simple clicks. Obviously the first thing that will be required is the registration to the community of Anor, or access in case we were already registered. We will then have to enter our personal details, the address of residence, telephone numbers and an identity document. Finally, it will be necessary to offer an income guarantee, through the presentation of the paycheck or the employment contract in the case of employees, or the pension slip in the case of Inps retirees. Once the request has been sent, it will take only a few hours to receive an answer, and in case of a positive result the sum will be credited directly to our current account. Receiving a loan between individuals in Milan is therefore very simple, but we advise you to evaluate the reliability of the website you are targeting, especially in the case of loans that have been changed so that scammers often play on the despair of those looking for credit.